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Weekend AI Wealth Builder

Weekend AI Wealth Builder

There are many people who want to start earning money online in their spare time. Some do it because they have financial pressure, others because they know they want to be their own boss, and some because they’re in their retirement years and aren’t quite ready to stop working.

Regardless of why you want to do it, chances are there’s one thing you feel you don’t have enough of – time. Whether you’re a busy college student, a full-time worker, or a retiree who wants to enjoy more of what life has to offer, artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help you fast-track and optimize your journey so you’re able to build wealth with your weekend hours.

By devoting as little as 16 hours a week, you can use a triple-edged approach to generating online earnings. It doesn’t have to be the weekend, either. You can spread the time out any way you wish, as long as you know how to use this tool strategically.

The three-pronged approach includes a foundation built on selling information in the form of digital downloads, recommending products in exchange for commissions, and making the most of your content so that you start earning from each piece that you publish on social media.

As a weekend wealth-builder, you can get the job done during these 16 hours and have everything working for you on autopilot the rest of the week. In today’s world, you have the ability to schedule and queue up content that earns for you at all times of the day.

AI is going to do the heavy lifting for you. It can research, brainstorm, and create the content you need to reach a consumer base who is hungry for your information, recommendations, and ideas.

You just have to know how to prompt it and use it to your benefit. Not only can you build the initial business, but I’m even going to show you how to scale it into something that earns more – or operates in a way that frees up most of your weekend hours again!

The Benefits of Using AI for Weekend Wealth Building

For those who want to build their own business, but either don’t want to invest a lot of time in it or don’t have the time to put into it because they are already working another job, trying to do it all as a solo entrepreneur on the weekends can feel overwhelming.

There are so many different tasks involved in building a business on the Internet, and everything from research to content creation and strategizing takes time and effort. Therefore, until now, many have given up on their dream.

But with the invention of artificial intelligence (AI) and companies bringing it to the mainstream marketplace, the lack of time has become less of an issue. Building a successful business requires you to conduct your research and then analyze it, build a strategic content marketing plan, monetize your efforts, and nurture your customers.

With AI at your side, you can build wealth during your weekend hours, or splitting those hours up a few nights per week if you prefer. It can do the heavy lifting for you that would typically require you to invest many hours, and it can deliver the output in mere seconds.

As long as you know how to use AI for building your online wealth, you’ll be able to hand over these tasks to a natural language model that can analyze data and spot patterns and trends, brainstorm ideas that you can select from, and create content for you that you can use to drive traffic to offers or sell as an info product.

There are many tasks that you would find repetitive or difficult if you had to do them on your own. When you let AI take over for you, it can dive deep into the analytics of your demographic and niche, as well as your competitors to find a strategy that is optimized to help you thrive online.

AI has the ability to create blog posts, sales copy, info products, social media content, email auto responders, and more. This is all done using a fraction of the time it would normally take you if you had to do it yourself from scratch.

The idea is not to replace you in the business and let a robotic element take over, but instead to use it to your advantage so that you are overseeing the process and having a hand in what your audience is given.

By using AI for building your business, you’re going to be able to achieve more coverage in the digital space, convert better, and automate the process so that it is working for you throughout the week.

Even if you had an entire 40-hour workweek to devote to building your Internet wealth, you would still want to utilize the power of AI to help you generate more content, create more products and recommendations, and tweak the business to perform to the best of its abilities.

Let’s look at a 16-hour weekend schedule that shows you how to leverage AI to your benefit in building a business that can bring in earnings for you. After you learn this, you’ll be able scale it up (which we’ll also go over).

Weekend Wealth Strategy #1: Product Development and Sales

The first of our weekend wealth streams is going to be information products. This is one of the most lucrative, easiest and passive ways to earn money online. Plus, it allows you to recruit affiliates who will promote for you in exchange for a commission.

If you’re just starting out online, AI can help you choose a profitable niche if you need assistance in that area. With info products, it’s always best if you launch them on topics you either experience in or interest in.

But if you already know your niche, AI can pick up from that point on, helping you brainstorm slants, outline your product, write (or edit) it for you, create an entire funnel, sales copy, affiliate page and more!

It can help you create a text-based eBook info product or a video module course. By giving you scripts and storyboards, you can use the output to screen-record a slideshow presentation or yourself on camera to create the product it delivers.

This process should take about 4 hours per weekend, so let’s look at the various prompts you’ll be using with AI tools like ChatGPT to create and launch products that will help you build online wealth.

You can start by asking AI to come up with some ideas, which will be slants and topics for you to use for your course. You don’t want just any idea that’s already out there, so you can prompt AI for a topic being underserved online.

We’ll be using the survival prepper niche as our example throughout this report because it caters to all three wealth-building business ideas. People buy info products, they purchase products through affiliate links, and you can earn influencer income from it.

Your prompt for the idea might be written like this: “Generate a list of unique angles for a survival prepper course (either broad or narrow) that this demographic would be willing to pay for. Make sure it’s on underserved topics, but those with high levels of interest based on your assessment of online sentiment.”

AI comes back with a list and some explanations to go along with it, like these:

  • Urban Survival Techniques: Focus on surviving in urban environments during natural disasters or civil unrest, covering topics such as sheltering in place, securing food and water, and navigating urban landscapes safely.
  • Off-Grid Energy Solutions: Explore alternative energy sources and methods for generating power off the grid, including solar panels, wind turbines, and portable generators, with a focus on practical implementation for preppers.
  • Wilderness Survival for Families: Addressing the unique challenges of survival scenarios with children and families, including family-oriented wilderness survival skills, emergency protocols, and psychological preparedness strategies.
  • Herbal Medicine and Natural Remedies: Providing education on identifying and utilizing wild medicinal plants, creating herbal first aid kits, and integrating natural remedies into prepper medical kits for long-term self-sufficiency.

You an either select from the list they give you or prompt for more ideas. We’re going to move forward with the off-grid energy solutions for preppers idea for our example. Let’s prompt AI to create some title options for us.

We’ll prompt: “I like the Off-Grid Energy Solutions option. Give me a list of different styles of titles for this course that are compelling. Make sure they reflect them learning something and not just being given a list of options.”

We want the reader to understand that they’re getting an actionable course, because they’re not going to pay for a list of product reviews. The list it returns are things like:

  • Mastering Off-Grid Energy: A Guide to Power Independence
  • Empower Your Survival: Learn Off-Grid Energy Solutions for Preppers
  • Energize Your Prepping Journey: Discover Off-Grid Power Strategies
  • Beyond the Grid: Mastering Off-Grid Energy for Survival Situations
  • Energy Independence Blueprint: Off-Grid Power Proficiency for Preppers

Pick one you like. For our example, we’ll go with Energy Independence: Off-Grid Power Blueprint for Preppers. It’s a combination of wording from the list they gave us, not a full copy and paste.

Next, you’ll want to have AI outline the course for you. We’re going to remind AI that the goal is for them to learn how to do things, not just read about options, so we’ll prompt like this: “I like this title: Energy Independence: Off-Grid Power Blueprint for Preppers. Create an outline that actively teaches them how to set up off grid power solutions, not just tell them about their options. There should be ideas for both homesteading and bugging out. Make it a comprehensive outline.”

Now AI is going to deliver an outline that you then need to go over and analyze to make sure it includes everything you feel is important (and excludes what doesn’t belong). AI gives us:

  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of the off-grid power systems
  • Setting up the off-grid power systems on homesteads
  • Having off-grid power solutions for bugging out
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Plans for optimized usage of the systems
  • Conclusion

Within that outline, it gives sub-outlines, so you’ll have plenty of detail about what’s covered in each of those sections (like solar power, wind power, hydroelectric power, generators, etc.).

If you want to do a video course, you can still have it create an outline, but you’ll just go through the actual creation process of the product a bit differently. For example, each section listed above might be its own module of the course, and you can prompt AI like this: “Create a script and storyboard a video slideshow on the maintenance and troubleshooting of the off-grid power solutions.”

But for the purposes of an eBook, we’re going to do it a bit differently. It’s important for your readers to get enough valuable information in text form that they feel their purchase was well worth the investment.

So you want to prompt AI to write each bulletpoint individually, like this: “For the chapter about setting up off-grid power systems for homesteading, I want you to write a long, in depth section about the bulletpoint on calculating solar panel requirements.”

AI is going to write a full chapter on that. If you were to take a section like the one it outlined below and ask it to write the entire thing, you’d get the same amount of words, but covering all of it instead of that amount of words per bulletpoint.

III. Setting Up Off-Grid Power Systems for Homesteading

A. Assessing energy needs and consumption

B. Designing a solar power system

1. Calculating solar panel requirements

2. Selecting appropriate battery storage solutions

3. Integrating inverters and charge controllers

C. Installing wind turbines for supplemental power…and so on

So instead, have it write section A, then B, then B1, then B2, then B3, then C and so on. That way, you’ll get more content and there will be more valuable detail for your readers.

AI only has so much allotted space to provide output. If you make it do the entire section at once, it will gloss over the topics. If you get to certain places that you want step-by-step instructions, add that specific detail to the prompt.

You do have the opportunity to write from the outline yourself, depending on how much control you want to have over your products. But it might take longer, so if your wealth-building business efforts need to be fast-tracked, you might want to start off with AI.

However, if you do create it yourself, prompt AI with the following when you’re finished: “Review the attached eBook and suggest revisions and improvements that will satisfy the consumer more.”

Once you have your main info product created, prompt AI for an entire funnel. A funnel is how you’re going to add income to your product launches, which will not only add to your wealth, but attract affiliates to get onboard.

Prompt AI like this: “For my Energy Independence: Off-Grid Power Blueprint for Preppers eBook product, give me a list of ideas for upsells I could offer that complement this topic nicely. Make sure they rise in value and give me ideas for a first upsell, second upsell, and third upsell, with price points elevating with each level.”

AI gives us some good examples, including a detailed off-grid power system installation guide for the first upsell, an advanced off-grid power workshop for more complex systems for the second one, and for the third upsell, an off-grid power system personal consultation package.

AI can (and does) provide pricing recommendations along with the levels of upsells as well. Then, you can have it work on sales copy elements. Again, don’t have it write it all at once but do individual components each time.

So you might prompt AI like this: “Give me a list of headlines to sell the main info product. Give me a variety that appeal to the needs of the audience.” It can give you generic ones like: “Don’t Be Caught Unprepared: Master Off-Grid Energy for Total Self-Reliance.”

But you can prompt it for darker versions like this: “I want it to sound more ominous. Change the tone to more of a doomsday outline and warning. Make them questions.” AI will then give you headlines like:

  • “Will You Survive the Darkness? Discover Off-Grid Power Secrets for the End Times!”
  • “Will You Prevail in the Silence of the Collapse? Explore Off-Grid Power Strategies for Catastrophe!”
  • “Are You Prepared for the Unknown? Uncover Off-Grid Power Blueprint for Surviving the Apocalypse!”

Go through and ask AI to give you lists for the storyline options, bulletpoint benefits list, call to action statements and every portion of your sales copy until you have what you need.

Then, ask AI to develop a joint venture affiliate page that hypes up how much they can earn from the entire funnel, why their list will love the product, and more. Go section by section, and prompt AI to even create the swipe file emails for your affiliates to use in their promotions.

Depending on how fast this process goes, you might have an info product in a single 4-hour bloc of time, or it might take two weeks to have everything complete. You’ll like want to spend about one hour conducting research with AI, looking over your options for slants, titles, and outlines.

Then spend a couple of hours on the content creation, sales copy and JV page. Another hour can be spent with AI writing your email promos and having it write invitations to affiliates to promote for you.

You’ll also spend this hour setting everything up to go live in the marketplace, and queuing up your emails and communications to work on your behalf. The system will take the money, deliver the product and get people on your list so that you can spend the rest of your week doing other things.

Weekend Wealth Strategy #2: Affiliate Marketing Revenue

Now it’s time to spend four hours on your affiliate marketing wealth builder. As an affiliate, you can add a significant amount of income just by promoting other digital product vendors or tangible products that your subscribers will want to buy.

As you are selling your own info products, and affiliate marketers are sending their subscribers to your offers, you will begin building a list of people in that niche. Not only will they want the information that you are selling, but also the tools and products to carry it out.

For example, if you have built a list based on your info product of off grid energy solutions, you can then promote products to them that are not just based on other survival prepping topics such as gardening and canning their own food, water purification, etc., but also specifically about products that are related to the topic in the eBook you sold them.

This might include things like solar panels, portable solar gear, generators, and more. Not only can you look on Amazon and other third party platforms for product opportunities that you can promote, but you can go on Google and look for affiliate programs that are being run directly by the business, which cuts out the middleman.

AI is going to be able to help you begin building your affiliate marketing branch on the weekends in a variety of ways. For example, it can research, outline, and write the blog content that will review products for your readers.

It can also write email autoresponders that either promote products or drive traffic from your list to your blog, and it can create social media posts that promote both digital and tangible products in your niche.

For all of this content, it can do it in a way that is optimized for discoverability both on search engines and on social media platforms. It can also conduct consumer demographic research that will help you mine the pain points and goals of your audience so that you’re promoting the best products that will convert with them.

Another thing AI can do to help you build your affiliate marketing income is finding High Commission affiliate products and programs for you to sign up to. This will be based on what it discovers your audience needs or wants to buy, and it can tell you how to slant your communication with the audience so that they convert better.

So let’s look at some prompts that will help you build your affiliate income stream on the weekends, and again we are going to use the same niche of survival preparedness as our example.

The first thing we want to do is prompt AI to find out which products we should start with. We’ll prompt AI like this: “Now that I have an info product, I want to start promoting products as an affiliate to these buyers. In relation to the main info product concept of off-grid power solutions, give me a list of what products this audience would be interested in and tell me why.”

It’s going to advise us like this:

  • Solar Panels and Kits: These are essential for generating renewable energy off the grid. Preppers interested in your main info product would likely be interested in purchasing solar panels and kits to power their homesteads or bug-out locations. Solar panels provide a sustainable energy source, reducing reliance on traditional power grids and ensuring long-term energy independence.
  • Portable Power Generators: Portable generators serve as backup power sources during emergencies or when off-grid energy sources are insufficient. They’re crucial for powering essential devices and appliances, providing comfort and security during extended power outages or while bugging out to remote locations.
  • Solar-Powered Gadgets and Appliances: Solar-powered gadgets and appliances, such as flashlights, lanterns, chargers, and radios, offer reliable energy solutions without depending on grid power or disposable batteries. These products align with the self-sufficiency mindset of preppers and provide essential tools for surviving off the grid.
  • Energy Storage Solutions: Energy storage solutions, such as deep-cycle batteries and power banks, are essential for storing excess energy generated by off-grid power systems. Preppers can use these storage solutions to ensure a steady supply of power during periods of low sunlight or high energy demand, enhancing the reliability of their off-grid setups.

You can pick anywhere to start (It gives you a much larger list) and then begin the process of getting your affiliate promotions ready. You might prompt AI and ask a question like this: “What do consumers look for when deciding on what to buy for the portable power generators? Give me a list of their most pressing concerns.”

AI delivers the list, which includes things like power output, fuel efficiency, portability and size, and so on. You can then tell AI to: “Create a blog post outline for a review of the best portable power generators for power output.”

You can either conduct research yourself or ask AI to give you the list of top generators known for this matter of importance. There are endless ways to go about having AI write affiliate product reviews.

It can compare and contrast products for you, create lists of top 10 products, highlight certain features and make recommendations, and so on. The basic outline will have things like this:

A. Generator #1: [Brand/Model Name]

1. Overview of power output specifications (surge watts, running watts)

2. Pros and cons of power output performance

3. User experiences and satisfaction regarding power output performance

You can then have it write the review section by section as you did with the info product, but you’ll need to provide a link or details of the product you want it to review on your behalf.

Next, have AI help with email affiliate marketing by prompting it to: “Write an email that piques the curiosity of my list of subscribers and drives them to that product review blog post.”

The email is written like an exciting announcement, getting the reader ready to see the big reveal of the best powered portable generators. All you have to do is plug in your name and link!

You can also have AI create the social media content. You might prompt it like this: “I want to drive traffic to this blog post through YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Give me an idea and outline or script for each of these.”

When AI delivers the Instagram, YouTube and TikTok video ideas (including title and outline), you can then have it create the entire script and storyboard. For the text content like Facebook, have it write it out in full.

You can also ask it for hashtags and optimization that will increase visibility and engagement. Make sure you prompt AI to include a call to action to get the follower to click through on the link to you blog post.

If you’re promoting a digital info product, you can prompt AI to: “Give me ideas for a bonus report I can offer for a promotion of a hydroelectric guide for preppers.” Ideally, pick something from the list that the original product doesn’t cover, like this one: “A Guide to Hydroelectric Site Selection.”

You can also prompt AI to: “Draft a bridge page I can send traffic to that highlights my bonus report but also warms the visitor up before they click on the link to the hydroelectric guide I’m promoting. Make sure to include headlines, storyline, bulletpoints and a call to action.”

From that point, you’ll have a draft and you can redirect AI to give you options for things you want to tweak into something better. You can also take it point by point and ask for bridge page headlines first, then storyline, then bulletpoints, and so on.

For your affiliate marketing branch, you can divide your schedule up any way you want. However, you might want to spend approximately 1 hour each weekend immersed in research and content outlines as well as the selection of the products you may want to promote.

Then, spend another two hours developing all of the content and promotional material that will be used on your blog, in the emails, and on social media as well as any bonus material if you plan to offer an incentive.

The last hour you spend working on the affiliate marketing branch of your business can be used to set up any bridge pages and bonus links that you may be using, scheduling your blog posts, as well as your social media posts and emails so that they are queued up to go out to your audience throughout the upcoming week.

Weekend Wealth Strategy #3: Niche Influencer Income

There is a third method of wealth building that you can tap into with the help of AI. This is known as influencer income, and it’s basically utilizing social media platforms in ways that can contribute more to your bottom line.

For this report, we’re only going to be talking about YouTube and TikTok as our examples. But you can get other deals on different platforms such as Instagram, too. It all depends on your niche and if there is a wide enough audience to generate appeal.

First you have to understand that there are different ways people earn money as online influencers. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok have a content creator fund where the platform itself pays these influencers for bringing more views to their business.

The payment isn’t a lot in the beginning, but as you build a following and your videos accumulate more views, that amount will steadily rise and can be substantial. You can also earn money from sponsored brand posts.

This is when a company sees that you are a micro or broad influencer in the same niche they are in, and they are willing to pay you to mention their product in some of your content.

There are many influencers who also earn directly from the viewers on these two platforms. For example, many Youtubers have Patreon accounts where people can subscribe to different levels of access to their content that is more exclusive.

You also have live streams, and on TikTok you will usually see people gifting the creator right in the stream, and those gifts can later be converted into cash that is deposited into your bank account.

AI can help you with your social media influencer strategy so that you are not only putting out content that appeals most to your niche base, but so they are more engaged with you and sponsors take notice of that.

You can have AI help you find content based on trends and niche demand. It can even help you figure out the best time to schedule the social media uploads – including the day of the week and time based on the best user engagement.

Start by prompting AI like this: “Generate a list of trending topics within the survival prepper niche about off grid energy for YouTube and TikTok that have high engagement and viewer interest.”

AI comes back to tell you about both short-form TikTok ideas and longer YouTube concepts such as:

Short-form content (TikTok):

  • DIY Biogas projects: Showcase how to create a small-scale biogas digester using readily available materials.

  • Solar power on a budget: Quick tips on building a budget-friendly solar power system for basic needs.

  • Life hacks for conserving energy: Share practical tips for reducing energy consumption in an off-grid setting. (e.g., solar oven cooking demonstrations)

Long-form content (YouTube):

  • Preparing for blackouts: Guides on creating a solar-powered emergency kit to ensure you have backup power during outages.

  • Building a solar power system from scratch: Detailed tutorial series on building a solar power system for your home, tailored for beginners.

  • Alternative off-grid energy sources: Explore lesser-known options like micro-hydropower, geothermal energy, or biomass gasification for viewers interested in unique setups.

It also gives you tips on the content creation, but you can ask it to do the work for you like this: “I love the idea of a TikTok video about solar power on a budget. I want it to attract sponsors and get good engagement. Give me a script and details for this piece of influencer content.”

AI is going to give you a title, your target audience, video length, music options, script with text overlays and imagery, engagement questions to ask, and sponsorship ideas if you decide to approach sponsors to see if they want to collaborate with you.

You can then prompt AI for scheduling insight by prompting: “Identify the optimal posting times for this content on TikTok for maximum visibility and engagement.” It’s going to tell you that preppers often dig into content after work and on the weekends, so between 7 PM and 9 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays would be good.

But it depends on the audience. If you’re targeting budget-minded people, weekdays on lunch breaks would be good, and in general anytime after work on Fridays through the weekends.

For your influencer wealth building strategy, spend about an hour each weekend researching trending topics across multiple platforms with AI. Then you can devote an hour to content scripting.

The last two hours can be spent recording or creating the actual content and scheduling it to go live throughout the week while you’re working or relaxing during your non-wealth building hours. If you plan any lives, you can include that in your content creation time and they don’t have to be extremely long in order to be effective.

Scaling Your Weekend Wealth-Building Strategy

You can also use AI to scale your business. For example, you can have it repurpose existing content that it helps you create. You can prompt it like this: “Take the blog post review about portable generators that’s attached and repurpose it into a TikTok script for me to use as an influencer.”

This saves you a lot of time and effort. You can use AI to help you optimize your business, too. Once your content gets published, take the data analytics details from your website, email autoresponder and social media accounts and feed it into AI with a prompt like: “Analyze the data to give me insight and advice on next week’s content marketing strategy with the goal of increasing engagement and conversions.”

This will ensure that you’re growing your business using only effective methods and zeroing in on the needs of your audience. You don’t want to waste time on things that don’t convert.

Another way to scale your business is to hire a virtual assistant who can use your AI prompts for you. You can reinvest your earnings and train a freelance VA to prompt AI and conduct the research, brainstorming and outlining processes, and create content that they either deliver to you to even log in and schedule for you.

There are even AI tools that can create videos and audio for you, so you don’t even have to be involved in a hands on manner if you don’t want to. If you need time off for a vacation or just to free up your schedule, a VA can work from your prompt instructions and have AI deliver the same quality and output as you would.

You’ll have four hours left over in your weekend schedule for this purpose of scaling your business. It’s important to reserve this time for optimization and growth if you truly want to see the kind of wealth others are getting by putting in a full work week.

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